The Best is Yet to Come

Karianne Jean is a singer/songwriter originally from Palmdale, CA & currently resides in Nashville TN. Karianne has been singing since she could talk, literally, there is video of her singing songs she made up herself at 2 years old! She started writing at age 12 and started performing at 14 in high school musicals and events. In 2015, she moved to Nashville to dive into the songwriting community and has written/co-written over 200 songs since then & gained the respect of all who have heard her work. In 2016, she released her first EP called “Don’t Miss EP” and the title track “Don’t Miss” was awarded the 2016 IMEA award for Best Country Song. Currently she is working on a highly anticipated full length project, projected to be released next year.

Karianne’s influences range from Mariah Carey and Kelly Clarkson to Daughtry and Imagine Dragons to Etta James and Eminem. Due to her appreciation for a wide range of different genres her music reflects a unique quality. Her aim with the new project is to transcend genre to create a fresh sound by mixing her appreciation for the lyrical substance of country music, energy of rock and dance music, catchy pop melodies and the rhythmic creativity of rap.

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