Karianne Jean's genuine spirit shine's through her lyrics & her soaring vocal ability delivers the message with grace and power. From fully produced pop hits to her stripped down acoustic performances, Karianne's talent is undeniable. Listen to her most recent hits below!

Music Notes


Musical Destiny Fulfilled

Born into a family of talented vocalists & musicians, music is part of Karianne's genes. A career crafting songs rich in addicting melodies & honest lyrics & delivering messages of acceptance & love is her destiny fulfilled. Palmdale California is her hometown & Nashville Tennessee is where she now calls home where she has worked with some of the best in the business. Karianne's influences range from Etta James to Britney Spears & Celine Dion to Daughtry; She has always been drawn to honest stories & powerful voices & that comes shining through in her own work. Karianne is currently working with Merf Music Group to write songs for major label artists while continuing to work on her own debut record.