Written by Karianne Jean & Ashley Briggs
Produced by Never Stop Productions


Written by Karianne Jean & Preston Turecek
Produced by Never Stop Productions


Written by Karianne Jean
Produced by Never Stop Productions



The highly anticipated debut EP from Karianne Jean "Don't Miss EP" is available NOW! 
Track Listing & Credits
Beach Bonfire 

Written by Karianne Jean & Cameron Lenz
Produced by Joey Ariemma

Don't Miss 
Written by Karianne Jean & Cameron Lenz
Produced by Joey Ariemma

Written by Karianne Jean & Angela Marie 
Produced by Joey Ariemma

Written by Karianne Jean & Craige Stull 
Produced by Craige Stull

Say It (acoustic)
Written by Karianne Jean & Cameron Lenz 
Recorded at Pitch Perfect Studios Nashville

Unwritten Song (acoustic) 
Written by Karianne Jean & Matt Rogers 
Recorded at Pitch Perfect Studios Nashville


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Karianne Jean performing "Don't Miss" which took home "Best Country Song of the Year"
@ The 2016 IMEA Awards 

Kelsea Ballerini's "The First Time" Album MASH-UP
Featuring all 12 tracks off the album 
Created & Performed by Karianne Jean


Jesus & Johnny Cash was written by Angela Marie & Karianne Jean. This is a live acoustic performance of the original song for the FOUNDATIONS NETWORK. It's being used as part of a campaign to increase visability of the amazing work they are doing at THE OAKS @ LA PALOMA in Memphis, TN. The Oaks at La Paloma is a rehab facility specializing in addiction treatment & is unique in it's creative approach to therapy including music therapy at the Blue Door Recording Studio which is within the treatment facility. Karianne Jean is proud to take part in a worthy cause. Addiction is a difficult but treatable disease & partnering with the creative efforts of Foundations Network was a pleasure. Karianne holds a degree in Psychology & says, "Efforts toward overcoming addiction is something I'm passionate about. I've studied a lot about it in school & I've seen it take hold first hand in many people I love. If there is one thing I want anyone struggling with addiction to know it is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Seeking help is the only way to break free from the chains addiction holds on your life & there is hope for a better future." 

For more information on the work the Foundations Network is doing or to seek help for yourself or a loved one visit:

For more information on The Oaks @ La Paloma Memphis, TN location visit: 


The official music video for Jean's breakout single about her hometown 'CACTUS' was recorded in various places in her hometown of Lancaster, CA. The video shows some of the most memorable places of her childhood on which the song was built. The song was written by Karianne Jean and Craige Stull. 

Jean says,
"I wrote the idea of the song and the melody in the car in front of the Albertson's on Palmdale blvd where I stopped in to grab some dinner items for a get together I was having with my best friend, who still lived there at the time. I hadn't been back to my hometown in years, which felt like lifetimes, and when the wind smacked me as I got out of the car (as it always does in the High Desert) I was transformed back to the person I had been when I left; A young girl with big dreams and a lot of heartbreak from various different experiences that often go along with growing up. I wanted to get that feeling down as soon as possible so I sat in my car and sang a few voice notes in my phone and wrote the verses & pre-chorus almost exactly as they are on the record. I had been sending ideas to a producer I'd recorded demos for in Studio City, CA and 'CACTUS' was his favorite so we went in and finished it. He handled the guitar and I took over lyrics and melody and it came together exactly how it was meant to. I hope the song embodies the conflicting nature of reminiscing. It's build off the idea that when you look at your past a lot of times it's full of hard, hurtful stuff & you don't want to go back but your proud of the fact that it made who you are today: Stronger, Smarter & Wiser." 

"CACTUS" Available NOW 

Other Original Songs by Karianne Jean 

"See Me Shine was one of those songs that fell out of me. Feeling like the people closest to you don't believe in your dreams & don't believe in your abilities is a hard pill to swallow sometimes. I wrote SEE ME SHINE with the only goal being to express that pain & affirm confidence in spite of the doubters. I hope the song shows the fans going through similiar struggles that they aren't alone & regardless of the non-believers, you can do ANYTHING that YOU believe in! <3 Karianne"

"Addiction is such a devastating disease for not only the sufferer but the family of the loved one as well. Sometimes it's hard to make sense of addiction in loved ones & 'RUN DRY' came out as an inspiration message to those suffering from the pain of addiction. I've had first hand experience witnessing addiction in people I love & I wrote this as a plea to seek treatment. I hope listeners find a positive message in the song that provides hope from the perspective of a loved one <3 Karianne"

"In an attempt to practice playing guitar (a new instrument for me) I decided to write a song. This is a fun song based around the idea of falling in love but not wanting to. So often while basking in the glow of independence we find ourselves in a state of comfort & then a great love comes along and changes our routine & forces us to put our heart out there in risk of getting hurt. FEELIN THIS WAY is about that moment when a great love comes along and forces us to open up our world to more happiness than we couldve imagined in a sarcastic & silly manner. This is one of those songs that is just meant to be fun & feel good! so feel it... GOOD! haha <3 Karianne"

"It's Ok" 
Available NOW
Click Here to buy NOW!

" "It's Ok" was the first song I wrote alone on the piano. I was sitting at home while my boyfriend was at work & thinking about how silly it was that I missed him when he was only gone a short time then I realized what an amazing feeling it was that I could miss him, want him and love him because he felt the same way back. So many times in relationships we surpress those wild & all consuming feelings of love and need for our loved one because they don't appreciate that love or they don't feel the same toward us. This was a song I wrote giving myself permission to feel all the feels because I'm lucky enough that the love of my whole life loves just back. I'm so glad I was able to get this song out to the fans & give them a lil taste of whats to come <3 Karianne"


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