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You don't have to go out to an authentic Mexican restaurant to have amazing tacos. You can have them right from the comfort of your home without much effort! Here are my favorite chicken taco meat recipes that are fast, easy & delicious! ENJOY! 
Add your favorite taco toppings to either of these chicken recipes for the perfect taco! 
The most common toppings are: Shredded lettace, Tomatoe, Avocado, black olives, guac, salsa, cheese 

Salsa Verde Chicken Taco Meat


-1-2 jars of SALSA VERDE

Set cook time at 8hours

Once slow cooked open (carefully! The steam CAN burn you! Wear oven mits!) & mash chicken with masher till fully shredded  
**You can also use two forks to shred the chicken but it takes a lot longer

Tomatoe Taco Seasoning Chicken Taco Meat

-1 large can of Chopped Tomatoes (tomatoe sauce isle)
-1 package of Original Taco Seasoning 

Set cook time at 8hours 

Once slow cooked open (again; CAREFULLY) & mash chicken until fully shredded

Homemade Salsa

Take all ingredients below & blend them in the food processor until desired texture. I use the NINJA but any food processor or blender will work! 
3-5 Small tomatoes (I used Roma Tomatoes) 
1 small or 1/2 large onion 
1/2 jalepeno (include seeds for maximum heat; no seeds for flavor no heat)
Handful of CILANTRO
Juice from 1-2 limes 

Homemade Guacamoli 
-If they can make it in 5min at your tableside at Mexican Restaurants then you can make it too! It doesn't have to be a "Special Occasion" meal addition. If you love guac as much as I do... it shouldn't be a once in a while thing haha. 

Mash Avocados I usually go with 4-5 avocados 
TIP: When picking avocados if they are slightly firm (kind of hard to press into) then wait a day or so before making the guac. If they seem plyable but not too mushy they are perfect!
TIP2: There is no comparison to fresh avocados, the pre-mashed avocados include preservatives you won't find in the real deal. It doesn't take that long just go for the read deal & mash yourself ;)

Add juice from 2 limes 
Sprinkle Garlic Salt & Pepper 
Mix in 1/2 a yellow/sweet onion chopped finely
Mix in 1-2 small tomatoes chopped finely
Mix in a small handful of finely chopped fresh cilantro (I've tried the dried stuff & the precut stuff, it's not NEARLY as tasty!) 

1/4 of a finely chopped jalepeno
**TIP: Here's the spicey deal with the Jalepenos: 
--Mild (no spice just dynamic flavor)
         No seeds; Minimual rip meat; 1/4(aka small amount) finely finely chopped 
--Medium (A little kick of heat) 
         No seeds; leave more rib meat (aka the white stuff around the seeds in the jalepeno);
         Use more like 1/2 the jalepeno 
          The more seeds & rip meat you include the hotter it will be.
          The larger you chop the Jalepeno the more likely you will be to bite into a large bite of HEAT

BOOM that's it! Mix it all together & you have some seriously delicious Guac to go with tacos, chips or anything you want to basically just make better haha. ENJOY! 


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