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Sooo maybe you don't LOVE being in the kitchen? Maybe you don't feel passionate about the act of cooking? Or maybe you just don't think you are very good at it? BUT YOU LOVE TO EAT GREAT FOOD! (I mean, don't we all?) & Eating out every night is not only expensive (trust me it adds up quick) but it's also unhealthy. Regardless of the plate you order, when you eat out you don't know what preservatives or additives were added so you really don't know what your eating at all (CREEPY)! Cooking doesn't have to be hard or stressful & here's the cool thing ANYONE CAN DO IT! Really! EVEN IF YOU THINK YOU'RE SUPER BAD AT IT THAT CAN BE FIXED! HERE I will share my favorite tips for making you the best cook you can be & taking control of what you eat (& making it delish!) 

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Cooking Tip #1: The Bored Chef 
If you don't LOVE cooking or just don't really enjoy listening to your own thoughts while your mindlessly chopping veggies then add an entertainment element. 
My personal favorite GO-TO is Netflix on my phone! I prop up my phone on a towel in the kitchen & watch a good show (usually one I've already seen & just love rewatching like Law&OrderSVU or Friday Night Lights) or an all time favorite movie (Legally Blonde, Wedding Planner; you get it lol) It really helps to distract from the monotony of chopping & stirring

Cooking Tip #2: The "I suck at cooking' Chef 
So maybe you struggle to create dishes from your own imagination, NO BIGGIE! There are so many recipes all over the internet (here for example haha) that you can follow EXACTLY & you really can't go wrong! Usually the biggest issue with people that are self proclaimed "bad cooks" is that they tell themselves they are bad cooks & therefore the universe repsonds with whatever they cook taking a wrong turn at some point. It's a self fulfilling profacy AKA STOP TELLING YOURSELF YOU ARE A BAD COOK! cause it's a lie & lying to yourself is just rude lol. 
--Eventually after cooking from a recipe you'll learn what works & what doesn't & you'll be able to get creative THEN. Even if you don't there is no shame in cooking from a recipe! Get it!

Cooking Tip #3: The 'I don't have time' Chef 
I totally get that. Some days you just don't have time! Think about this: The time it takes to drive somewhere, order, get your food, then bring it home (or eat it there) then drive home usually is far more than the time it takes to whip something up in the kitchen. Personally, I have a few go-to FAST dinners that I turn to if there isn't left-overs & I"ll post those recipes here soon. ANOTHER option that I also turn to is when you do have time to cook, make a lot of food. More than you & your family will eat that night so that you have left overs. That way when you get too busy in that week you have food everyone can eat without having to go to the nasty drive through. 
A few things that are still really great a couple days later:
--Turkey Burger Pattys (Just throw some toppings on a bun & warm up your patty!)
--Pasta/Speghetti (I love warming pasta up in a skillet on the stove! Sometimes it's even better then it was fresh!) 
--Taco meat (warm it up in the skillet & throw it in a shell or on top of some lettece for salad!)
--StirFry/Fried Rice (Throw it on the skillet & it's as good as new!) 

EXTRA QUALITY TIP: When warming up previously cooked food warm it up in a skillet on the stove over the microwave. It is just as fast & it wont loose it's crisp or ultimate flavor. It really doesn't take much longer than the microwave & it tastes 100x better. Trust me! 


Marinade Your Meat
The EASIEST way to make dinner taste CHEF worthy is to MARINADE!
Marinading is as easy as it gets. You can marinade anything from chicken & steak to veggies. 
I personally most commonly incorporate chicken into most meals so that is my specialty. 
In order to marinate follow these easy steps: 
1: Take chicken breast & poke holes with a fork into the meat
This makes the marinade soak into the meat more effeciently
2: Put raw chicken into gallon ziplock bag
3: Add the marinade to the bag
4: Refrigerate & allow to marinate 
The longer you marinate the better but even 30min-1hour of marinading is better than nothing.  Letting it sit over night is the ideal time frame. 

Marinade IDEAS 
Technically, ANYTHING can be used for a marinade. GET CREATIVE! But just to start you off...
Here are some of my favorite combinations: 
Lime Chicken: LIME JUICE, Salt&Pepper, Olive Oil, FRESH cilantro
Lemon Chicken: Lemon Juice, some lemon zest, Salt&Pepper, Olive Oil
Balsamic Chicken: Balsamic Vinger &/or Balsamic Vinegerette Dressing, Olive Oil, Salt&Pepper

***If you have a flavor your going for you can just pick a dressing that you like & marinade in that! Easy as can be! 
How much? Just make sure the liquid is enough to cover all the meat.



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