I get by with a little help from my friends... 

Nashville is full of talent but when you can find people that are not only extremely talented in multiple different facets but also incredibly kind people with magnetic spirits that mesh with yours.. NEVER let them go! Here you can find some of my best & most talented friends!
I have pretty high standards so I can assure you these peeps are the real deal ;0) 

LAUGHLIN - Country Duo 
Zach & Allison Laughlin are some of the NICEST, most genuine, people I've ever met. To top that off, their harmonies are tight and their songs are strong. Their current EP titled "The Run Around" is one you'll have on repeat & they are currently hard at work on their debut full length album project. I sing & write with them as often as possible because I not-so-secretly want to be the 3rd member of their duo lol. 
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Angela Marie - Canadian Country Artist
She's got a honkeytonk rockin country vibe that sets her style & voice apart from the rest & she's got the kind of personality that people gravitate toward. When we met at The Commodore I just knew we'd become the best of friends & I was certainly right!  She's an inventive & efficient writer & her LIVE performance is non-stop energy & pitch perfect vocals. 
Follow her on social media to stay up to date on shows & new music coming soon! 

Matt Rogers - Country Artist
He has been working hard the last couple years & it shows when you see how effortless his LIVE show is. Amazing performer, excellent songwriter & one of my friends described his voice as the "Country" John Mayer! One of my favorite things about Matt is how willing he is lift up his friends. He's always down to share his knowledge &connections in hopes we can all rise to the top together. 
Follow him on social media to stay up to date on his consistent show schedule & upcoming music releases! FACEBOOK - TWITTER - INSTAGRAM - SPOTIFY - iTunes

Scarlett Hill - Country Duo
Their sound is indescribable with Country-Americana-BlueGrass vibes with a sprinkle of classic rock & early 2000 punk rock due to Blakes heavy rock influence. Suzanne has an angelic voice while Blake has a cool punk inspired vocals in addition to his stellar muscianship. They are so sweet & so funny that we hardly get any writing done when we get together because we just love talking & laughing together. In addition to music, Blake is an awesome producer & is in the early stages are building a production business (STAY TUNED! You will definitely want to hire him to produce your next release or demo!)
Follow them on social media to stay up to date with upcoming shows & new music releases! FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM - SPOTIFY - iTunes


Tenille Arts - Canadian Country Artist
She has gorgeous powerhouse vocals & a fun pop country sound that you will want to listen to over & over. Writing with this beauty is always a blast. Her debut EP is so catchy & addicting & found major sucess on the itunes charts! 
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JOEY A - Multi-Genre Producer & Solo Artist
He produced the first 3 tracks off my debut EP (Don't Miss, Lighthouse & Beach Bonfire) & he knocked it out of the park. He really put his soul into the project & cared as much about it as I did (which is so rare!) & he is also super fun & easy to work with. He is currently working on his debut project as a solo artist!
Follow him on social media to be the first know when his new music hits the market & takes over the pop scene! 

Stephanie Turntine - Southern California Photographer
Promo pictures, headshots, engagement photos, wedding photos, family photos, senior pictures... Anything you need, She can do it with ease! I've had multiple sessions with Stephanie & she is always a joy to be around & work with. I've featured her work as Album Art for multiple singles featured on itunes, pandora, spotify, etc; as well as used her pictures for different promo campaigns.
Contact her via her website for all your photo needs in the SoCal area. 
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